Pokhara University (PU) is an autonomous and nonprofit public institution dedicated to develop as a center of excellence for higher education by accomplished teaching, learning and research activities. Our primary aim is to enhance the national development process by producing career and service oriented responsible, productive, and committed human resources who can bridge the university system with the national development services.

The School of Development and Social Engineering (SDSE) was established as a constituent school under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of  okhara University in 2009. In its initial stage, SDSE acquired ownership of two of the already existed Programmes; Post-graduate Diploma in Population, Gender and Development Programme (2004) and  Master in Population, Gender and Development (2005). The School SDSE is committed to pursuing  highly standard professional and academic excellence in the area of development and social engineering.

Currently, four programmes: Master of Development Studies (MDEVS), Master in Population, Gender and Development (MPGD),Bachelor of Development Studies (BDEVS) and Bachelor of English and Communication Studies (BECS) are under operation. In addition to these courses,Doctoral programmes are also running under the Council for Doctoral Studies managed by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Feedback on Self Study Report (SSR) for SDSE

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