Message from the Director

Message from the Director

Welcome to School of Development and Social Engineering (SDSE) under Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Pokhara University.

Academic knowledge and practical applications gained from this school offer a direction to deal with challenges and opportunities in one’s life. We have designed a series of academic programs for our Bachelors and Masters, i.e. two Bachelor degrees, Bachelor in Development Studies (BDEVS) and Bachelor of English and Communication Studies (BECS); two master’s programs, Masters in Population, Gender and Development Programme (MPGD) and Masters in Development Studies (MDEVS).

I am delighted that you are interested in the School and hope you will find your academic journey enriching through our educational system, and participatory teaching and learning approach. It has been my great honour and privilege to serve as the director of SDSE with a view to bring this School to a new height.The quality education being offered by the School enables students to maintain a balanced approach to personal career and social works.

Within the last decade, a great number of outstanding students from this school have been able to pursue their jobs in reputed national and international organizations, including higher education and well-paid jobs abroad. We believe that higher education should not be limited to books or geographical areas, but instead meet demands of this era and go global. Based on this philosophy, we are building a unique environment for students to seamlessly integrate modern teaching methods, and to offer plenty of internships and project work programs. We believe that we will be successful in building SDSE, one of the best places for educational and research hub, that becomes the framework of social scientists in Nepal and even in South Asia.

The School encourages students to participate in various social services to reinforce their social awareness through internships, fieldworks, and project works. We have the renowned faculty members who have studied and trained from countries such as India, Thailand, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, and Netherlands. They are well-equipped to deal with your challenges and needs, and are proactive and empathy to support you in your daily life.

I hereby sincerely welcome talented undergraduate and graduate students from across Nepal. In the past, we have welcomed students from United States of America, Finland and Korea. As a director I would welcome any opportunity to welcome students from all over the globe to join us.


Ram Prasad Aryal, PhD