Message from the Director

Message from the Director

Welcome to the School of Development and Social Engineering at Pokhara University. At a point of time when many developing countries are facing various challenges, this School seeks to offer professional and practical leadership in providing cutting-edge academic programs in development studies.

We have designed a series of academic programs which include Bachelor of Development Studies (BDEVS), Bachelor of English Communication Studies (BECS), Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Development (BED), Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (B.A.LL.B.), Master in Population, Gender and Development (MPGD), and Master of Development Studies (MDEVS).

From the very beginning, this school has been providing challenging and innovative teaching in the field of development studies, a rapidly growing area of study concerned with the people, economy, and society and to promote high-quality research to address the problems of developing countries like Nepal. We provide practical knowledge on existing theories, policies, planning, or implementing social concepts.

The graduates of this program have a wide horizon of choices from respected career opportunities at national and international development organizations to unlimited opportunities to apply for higher studies in the different areas of development studies. Students are expected to go on to make contributions in a range of diversified fields for community development.

I sincerely welcome students to join our school and to share in the development of our future in a global society.

Assoc. Prof, Ananta Raj Dhungana, PhD