Hemchandra Chaulagain

Name : Hemchandra Chaulagain
Designation : Assistant Professor
Academic Qualification : PhD in Civil Engineering (Structure)
Research Interest:

  1. Earthquake Engineering
  2. Research based structural analysis and design
  3. Assessment, strengthening and repairs of structures
  4. Seismic strengthening of structures
  5. Seismic risk assessment

  1. Adhikari A, Roa R, Gautam D and Chaulagain H (2019). Seismic vulnerability and retrofitting scheme for low-to-medium rise reinforced concrete buildings in Nepal. Journal of Building Engineering, Vol 21, 186–199.
  2. Gautam D and Chaulagain H (2016). Structural performance and associated lessons to be learned from world earthquake in Nepal after 25 April 2015 Gorkha earthquake. Engineering failure analysis, Vol. 68, 222–243.
  3. Chaulagain H, Rodrigues H, Silva V, Spacone E, and Varum H (2015). Earthquake loss estimation for the Kathmandu Valley. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 14 (1), 59–88.
  4. Chaulagain H, Rodrigues H, Silva V, Spacone E, and Varum H (2015). Seismic risk assessment and hazard mapping in Nepal. Natural Hazard, Vol. 78 (1), 583–602.
  5. Chaulagain H, Rodrigues H, Jara J, Spacone E, and Varum H (2013). Seismic response of current RC buildings in Nepal: A comparative analysis of different design/ construction. Engineering Structures, 49; 284–294.
Email : hchaulagain@pu.edu.np/ hchaulagain@gmail.com