Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Greetings from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Pokhara University.

The FMS is the pioneer faculty of Pokhara University. It aims to develop executives and managers for various areas of economic and social life of the country with a high level of competence in order to develop management professionals and entrepreneurs with a global perspective. It enhances knowledge, managerial skills, and exposure of the practicing managers, executives, and entrepreneurs, and to broaden the outlook of students by inculcating positive attitudes and by assisting them to become productive and responsible citizens of the world. FMS has been continuously progressing under this motto. We have led the development of management education in Nepal by designing our programs to meet the needs of Nepalese economy as well as the corporate sector across the globe. The faculty offers Bachelors, Master and Doctoral level programs. M. Phil program is also scheduled to commence in near future. The various courses have been designed to cater to the diverse needs of industries. We are also planning to introduce some new programs such as in Agro-business, Tourism and Hospitality Management sectors as prioritized by the Government.

In recent years, the Nepalese business organizations are getting global opportunities and, at the same time, they are also facing intense competition from the other parts of the world. Similarly, Nepal is currently undergoing a phase of massive changes politically, culturally and economically. The political structure has changed into federal system which is creating lots of business opportunities, and challenges too. Thus, a sound strategic management coupled with a global vision and a sound grounding in financial and operational decision making become more important than ever. The need for educated, professional managers in all sectors of the Nepalese economy is now greater than ever.
We encourage our students to take part in seminars and workshops. We invite academicians and practitioners such as entrepreneurs and industrial leaders to share their experience and knowledge with the students. In order to prosper in this fast moving job market, our students have been nurtured to be grounded in the reality and work effectively from the moment they are employed. It is our mission to cultivate those professionals who will become the next generation leaders.
It gives me great honor in welcoming you all prospective students to our constituent school, the School of Business in Lekhanath, Pokhara and other affiliated colleges that are located different parts of the country. As you join our programs, our emphasis will continue to be on creating vibrant and dedicated managers, and leaders or entrepreneurs competent to meet the challenges of the organizations and the society. I believe that you as a student will always cherish the time you spend in Pokhara University School of Business (PUSOB) and its affiliated colleges.

Thanks for your interest in our school.

Good wishes
Prof. Hari Bahadur Khadka
Dean, Faculty of Management Studies