Research Management Cell

RESEARCH MANAGEMENT CELL                                           

Every academic and research institution (constituent or affiliated) functioning under Pokhara University shall establish a Research Management Cell(RMC)to oversee the research and innovation activities within the institution. PURC coordinates every academic and research institution (constituent or affiliated) functioning under Pokhara University via the Research Management Cell.

Research Committee

Every institution shall form a Research Committee to oversee the research and innovation activities in the respective institution.

SN Designation Details Remarks
1 Chairperson Executive Head of the Institution (Ex-officio) *
2 Members Two to four members (must consider the faculty,
department, and gender-wise inclusiveness)
3 Member Secretary Head of the Research Management Cell (Ex-officio)


*Whereas the executive head of the institution does not have a doctoral degree, he/she shall appoint a faculty member with PhD in the relevant field as a Chairperson of RC. Despite having a doctoral degree, the Executive head of the Institution may appoint a faculty member with a PhD as a Chairperson of the Research Committee, where needed. This clause shall be forbidden for the currently functioning RC formulated before the enforcement of RMCG 2024. In such a case, the succeeding committee formation shall follow the RMCG 2024.


Research Management Cell Details

SNInstitutionAddressRMC ChairEmailWebsite of institution
1Ace Institute of ManagementKathmanduDr. Pradeep Rajopadhyay[email protected]
2Alpine Management CollegeBankeDr. Janardan Sharma Acharya[email protected]
3Amity CollegeKanchanpurDr. Narendra Bahadur Chand[email protected]
4Apex CollegeKathmanduDr. Yogendra Adhikari[email protected]
5Apollo International CollegeKathmanduDr. Bishnu Prasad Bhattarai[email protected]
6Atharva Business CollegeKathmanduDr. Khom Raj Kharel[email protected]
7Atlantic International CollegeKathmanduDr. Mahendra Prasad Shrestha[email protected]
8Axis CollegeRupandehiDr. Bhagwati Prashad Bhandari[email protected]
9B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Nursing CollegeChitwanDr. Dipendra Kumar Yadav[email protected]
10Boston International CollegeChitwanDr. Karna Bir Poudyal Kshatry[email protected]
11Brihaspati CollegeRupandehiDr. Damodar Dhakal[email protected]TBD
12Brixton CollegeKanchanpurTBD[email protected]
13Butwal Model CollegeRupandehiDr. Arun Kumar Chhetri [email protected]
14Camad CollegeKathmanduDr. Krishna Prasad Acharya[email protected]
15Central CollegeKathmanduDr. Sunit Adhikari[email protected]
16Central Institute of Science and TechnologyKaythmanduDr. Shiba Bahadur Karkee[email protected]
17Citizen CollegeLalitpurTBD[email protected]
18College of Engineering & ManagementBankeDr. Bed Raj KC[email protected]
19Cosmos College of Management & TechnologyLalitpurDr. Babu Ram Dawadi[email protected]
20Crimson College of TechnologyRupandehiDr. Ramesh Bhandari[email protected]
21Everest Engineering and Management CollegeLalitpurDr. Shailesh Bahadur Pandey [email protected]
22Excel Business CollegeKathmanduDr. Bishnu Prasad Bhattarai[email protected]
23Gandaki College of Engineering and ScienceKaskiTBD[email protected]
24Himalaya Eye InstituteKaskiTBD[email protected]
25Imperial CollegeKathmanduTBD[email protected]
26Institute of Advance Communication
Education and Research Center
KathmanduDr. Tara Prasad Adhikari[email protected]
27Kshitiz International CollegeRupandehiDr. Surya Rana[email protected]
28La Grandee International CollegeKaskiTBD[email protected]
29Liberty CollegeRupandehiDr. Bishwo Udhir Poudel Gharti[email protected]
30Lumbini Engineering CollegeRupandehiDr. K.N. Pandey[email protected]
31Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy NepalMorangDr. Binod Aryal[email protected]
32Malpi International CollegeKathmanduDr. Surendra Jha[email protected]
33Medhavi CollegeKathmanduDr. Jaya Ram Khanal[email protected]
34Modern Technical CollegeLalitpurDr. Keshab Parajuli[email protected]
35National Academy of Science and TechnologyKailaliDr. Prem Bahadur Chand[email protected]
36National Open CollegeLalitpurDr. Dibakar Bashistha [email protected]
37Nepal College of Information TechnologyLalitpurDr Roshan Chitrakar[email protected]
38Nepal Engineering CollegeBhaktapurDr. Hari Krishna Shrestha[email protected]
39Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management CollegeKaskiTBD[email protected]
40Nepal Western Management & Engineering CollegeKailaliDr. Shailendra Singh[email protected]
41Nobel CollegeKathmanduDr. Ramchandra Sinha[email protected]
42Oxford College of Engineering and ManagementNawalparasiDr. Basanta Prasad Adhikari[email protected]
43Platinum Management CollegekathamanduDr. Sujan Aryal[email protected]
44Pokhara College of ManagementKaskiDr. Tank Nath Sharma[email protected]
45Pokhara Engineering CollegeKaskiDr. Durga Bastakoti[email protected]
46Quest International CollegeLalitpurDr. Devid Kumar Basyal[email protected]
47Rajdhani Model College KathmanduDr. Gangaram Biswakarma[email protected]
48Rapti Engineering CollegeDangDr. Shailendra Giri[email protected]
49Ritz College of Engineering and ManagementLalitpurDr. Vijay Poudel[email protected]
50Sahid Ramnath Dahal Smiriti CollegeKathmanduDr. Shobhakar Aryal[email protected]TBD
51Saim CollegeKathmanduDr. Bishnu Dev Panta[email protected]
52School of BusinessKaskiDr. Gyaneshwor Sharma[email protected]
53School of Development and Social EngineeringKaskiDr Ram Prasad Aryal[email protected]
54School of EngineeringKaskiDr. Binay Kumar Mishra[email protected]
55School of Environmental Science and ManagementKathmanduDr. Ram Asheshwar Mandal[email protected]
56School of Health and Allied SciencesKaskiDr. Hari Prasad Kaphle[email protected]
57Shubhashree College of ManagementKathmanduDr. Udhaya Tiwari[email protected]
58Siddartha International CollegeRupandehiDr. Dipak Acharya[email protected]
59Tilottama CollegeRupandehiDr. Tilak Bhusal[email protected]
60Uniglobe CollegeKathmanduDr. Radhe Shyam Pradhan[email protected]
61United Technical CollegeChitwanDr. Arjun Baniya[email protected]
62Universal Engineering and Science CollegeLalitpurDr. Amod Mani Dixit[email protected]
63V S Niketan CollegeKathmanduDr. Sateesh Kumar Ojha[email protected]
64Valley State CollegeChitwanDr. Sanjib Mishra[email protected]
65Victoriya International CollegeDangDr. MP Kharel[email protected]