Ethical Review Committee for Health Research

Ethical Review Committee for Health Research

Pokhara University Research Center oversees the ethical concerns about the health research conducted by the faculty members and students of Pokhara University. The Ethical Review Committee for health research (ERCHR) is a dedicated committee established according to the Institutional Review Committee guidelines of National Health Research Council (NHRC). The structure, formation, processes, operation, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) of PU ERC are explicitly guided by the NHRC guidelines, particularly the National Ethical Guidelines for Health Research in Nepal and Guidelines for Institutional Review Committees for Health Research in Nepal. The key objective of ERC is to protect the rights and ensure welfare of human participants involved in the health research conducted in Pokhara University, both constituent and affiliated institutions.

Structure of Ethical Review Committee

The ERC comprises minimum of 7 to a maximum of 15 persons including a Chairperson and a Member Secretary. As per the NHRC IRC guidelines, experts and experienced personals from the diverse disciplines serve the ERC including Public health/Epidemiology/Research methodology, Biomedical/Laboratory science, Clinical science, Nursing, Behavioral and social sciences, Biostatistics, Pharmacy/Pharmacologist, and Law/Teaching/Journalism/ Community Leadership.

Role and Responsibility of Ethical Review Committee

  1. Oversee the ethical issues related to health research involving human participants and animals.
  2. Safeguard the rights, dignity, safety, and wellbeing of the research participants involved in the health research.
  3. Ensure the scientific quality and ethical standards of the health research as per the ethical guidelines of the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC).
  4. Provide independent, competent, and timely review on the ethical aspects of the proposed research.
  5. Enforce and monitor the compliance of Health Research Ethical Guidelines and take necessary actions against violations.

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Application for Ethical Approval

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