Result Published: Engineering/Architecture (Fall 2017)


Architecture 1st   Architecture 2nd   Architecture 3rd   Architecture 4th   Architecture 5th   Architecture 6th   Architecture 7th

BE Civil DH

BE_Civil DH_1st   BE_Civil DH_2nd   BE_Civil DH_3rd   BE_Civil DH_4th   BE_Civil DH_5th   BE_Civil DH_6th

BE_Civil DH_7th   BE_Civil DH_Retake

BE Civil Rural

BE_Civil Rural_1st   BE_Civil Rural_2nd   BE_Civil Rural_3rd   BE_Civil Rural_4th   BE_Civil Rural_5th

BE_Civil Rural_6th   BE_Civil Rural_7th   BE_Civil Rural_Retake

BE Civil

BE_Civil_1st   BE_Civil_2nd   BE_Civil_3rd   BE_Civil_4th   BE_Civil_5th   BE_Civil_6th   BE_Civil_Retake_2

BE Computer

BE_Computer_1st   BE_Computer_2nd   BE_Computer_3rd   BE_Computer_4th   BE_Computer_5th

BE_Computer_6th BE_Computer_Retake_2

BE Ele.&Elx.

BE_Ele_Elx_1st   BE_Ele_Elx_2nd   BE_Ele_Elx_3rd    BE_Ele_Elx_4th    BE_Ele_Elx_5th

BE_Ele_Elx_6th BE_Ele_Elx_Retake_2

BE Elx.&Comm.

BE_Elx_Comm_1st   BE_Elx_Comm_2nd   BE_Elx_Comm_3rd   BE_Elx_Comm_4th   BE_Elx_Comm_5th BE_Elx_Comm_6th   BE_Elx_Comm_Retake


BEIT_1st   BEIT_2nd    BEIT_3rd    BEIT_4th   BEIT_5th   BEIT_6th   BEIT_Retake

BE Software

BESE_1st  BESE_2nd  BESE_3rd  BESE_4th  BESE_5th  BESE_6th  BESE_Retake_2



The application for re-totaling and re-checking of answer sheets must be received by the Office of  the Controller of Examinations, Pokhara Lekhnath by 10th September, 2017( 5:00 PM).

The application received after this deadline will not be accepted for the further process.