Extension of deadline

Extension of deadline

Jestha 22, 2079 (June 5, 2022)

It is our immense pleasure to announce that Pokhara University (PU) is celebrating its 25th year of establishment this year. On this auspicious Silver Jubilee of PU, we are publishing a Souvenir Book entitled Transformation of Higher Education in Nepal: Dimensions, Dynamics & Determinants (ISBN: TBD).

We invite eminent articles from all highly valued authors for the souvenir book. Your articles are expected to spot the Dimensions, Dynamics, & Determinants of higher education, which will eventually open opportunities for the transformation of higher education in Nepal.

Article Guidelines

  1. Language: English or Nepali 2. Size: 2000 to 4000 words 3. Type: Critical reviews & Reflections, 4. Submission deadline: Jestha 22, 2079 (June 5, 2022) 5. Scope (Specific to the higher education in Nepal): History & evolution, Higher education policy, Research & innovation strategies, Teaching and learning strategies, Trends in higher education, Quality vs. quantity, Intellectual human resources, Brain drain vs brain gain, Knowledge economy, Academic tourism, Community outreach, Social transformation, Inclusive education, Employment creation, Globalization, Modernization, Digitalization, Industrialization, Next-generation education, Sustainable Development Goals, Challenges & solutions, and the topics relevant to the book title 6. References (maximum 10): Conventional numbering system [Example; in-text citation (1), (2), (3) and Bibliography 1. Wager E, Altman DG, Simera I, Toma TP. Do declarative titles affect readers’ perceptions of research findings? A randomized trial. Research Integrity and Peer Review 2016; 1(1): 11.] 7. Submission Email: research.pokhara@gmail.com or namraj.dhami@pu.edu.np (You are requested to send an email of favorable response in advance with a tentative title of the paper.) 8. Declaration: The author(s) will be solely responsible for clarity and correctness of the language and originality of the content presented in the respective article.


Editorial Team