Engineering Results

  1. BE_Architecture 1st     BE_Architecture 2nd        BE_Architecture 3rd        BE_Architecture 4th        BE_Architecture 5th        BE_Architecture 6th    BE_Architecture 7th
  2. BE_Civil 1st         BE_Civil 2nd         BE_Civil 3rd          BE_Civil 4th          BE_Civil 5th          BE_Civil 6th        BE_Civil_Retake
  3. BE Civil DH 1st          BE Civil DH 2nd        BE Civil DH 3rd         BE Civil DH 4th          BE Civil DH 5th         BE Civil DH 6th         BE Civil DH 7th          BE Civil DH 8th
  4. BE Civil Rural_1st     BE Civil Rural_2nd       BE Civil Rural_3rd       BE Civil Rural_4th       BE Civil Rural_5th      BE Civil Rural_6th        BE Civil Rural_7th        BE Civil Rural_8th      BE Civil_Rural Retake
  5. BE_Computer 1st         BE_Computer 2nd      BE_Computer 3rd   BE_Computer 4th       BE_Computer 5th       BE_Computer 6th   BE_Computer_Retake
  6. BE_Ele 1st     BE_Ele 2nd     BE_Ele 3rd     BE_Ele 4th     BE_Ele 5th       BE_Ele 6th       BE_Ele_Retake
  7. BE_ELX 1st       BE_ELX 2nd       BE_ELX 3rd     BE_ELX 4th     BE_ELX 5th   BE_ELX 6th    BE_ELX_Retake
  8. BEIT_1st           BEIT_2nd       BEIT_3rd      BEIT_4th     BEIT_5th       BEIT_6th   BEIT_Retake
  9. BESE _1st       BESE _2nd     BESE _4th     BESE _5th       BESE _6th   BESE _Retake