Hema Raj Pandey

Name : Hem  Raj  Pandey
Designation : Assistant Professor
Academic Qualification : M. Sc / M.Phil. in Mathematics
Research Interest:

  1. Biomathematics.
  2. Mathematical Modelling.
  3. Numerical Method and Analysis.
  4. PDE and ODE.

  1. H. R Pandey and D.B Gurung, Analytical and Numerical Solution of One- Dimensional Bio-Heat Transfer Equation, Proceedings of the International Forum for Mathematical Modelling, Colombo University, Srilanka, pp. 11- 14, (2014).
  2. H. R Pandey and D.B Gurung, Numerical Solutions of One-Dimensional Bioheat Transfer Equation in Cylindrical Living Tissues, International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Applications (IJA-ERA) , V0l. 4, Issue.8, pp. 194-201,(2018).
Email : [email protected]/ [email protected]
Phone Number :+977- 9851070947