Master of Science in Structural Engineering

 Master of Science in Structural Engineering

Realizing the need of highly qualified academic/ technical experts in the field of Structural Engineering for reconstruction and built an earthquake safer community, after 2015 Gorkha earthquake, Faculty of Science and Technology, Pokhara University offer Master of Science in Structural Engineering Program at School of Engineering in 2017. Master of Science in Structural Engineering (M Sc. in Structural Engineering) program basically focuses on analysis, design and construction of earthquake resistant structures. Besides, all the students in master level are highly encouraged to involve in research activities namely: special guest lecturer classes from national and international experts for research, project works, regular presentation, organizing workshop and seminar. It has highly academic environment for research work and publications (national & international).


The structural engineering graduates are capable to

  1. analyze and design different types of structural forms and materials;
  2. independently planning and implementation tasks at professional level in structural engineering including the use of appropriate software;
  3. conduct independent research in topics related to structural engineering.
Job opportunities:

Structural engineers design, plan and oversee the construction of new structures or alterations and extensions to existing civil engineering and other structures. The structural engineers are primarily concerned with designing and construction of different civil engineering structures that are safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as improving the structural integrity of existing one. Typical employers of structural engineers

  1. Construction/engineering consultancies
  2. Construction/engineering contractors
  3. Utility companies
  4. Local authorities
  5. Central government organizations
  6. Academic institutions
Entry Requirements and Admission Procedures


Candidates with Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering are eligible to join the program. The applicants must have along with the above requirements a minimum of 16 years formal education (12 years of schooling plus four years of undergraduate studies). The applicants must have secured a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or equivalent in the Bachelor’s degree.

Curricular Structure and Course Cycle
Semester I Semester II
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
STR 501 Advanced Structural Analysis 4 STR 506 Finite Element Method 3
STR 502 Dynamics of Structures 3 STR 507 Earthquake Resistant Design 3
STR 503 Solid Mechanics 3 ACT 508 Advanced Concrete Technology 3
MTH 504 Numerical Methods and Analysis 3   Elective I 3
GTH 505 Foundation Analysis and Design 4   Elective II 3


Semester III Semester IV
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
STR 509 Advanced Structural Design 4 STR 511 Thesis 12
STR 510 Structural Engineering Laboratory 3    
  Elective III 3
Elective IV 3  
  Elective V 3    


Elective Courses

Elective I & II (Each 3 credits)
Course Code Course Description Course Code Course Description
STR 601 Applied Seismology MSE 605 Research Methodology
STR 602 Rock Mechanics SHA 606 Seismic Hazard Analysis
STR 603 Theory of Plates and Shells DSM 607 Disaster Management
CAD 604 Computer Added Design  

Elective III, IV & V (Each 3 credits)
STR 701 Bridge Analysis and Design STR 710 Fracture Mechanics of Concrete
MSE 702 Pre-Stressed Concrete STR 711 Health Monitoring of Structures
MSE 703 Design of Industrial structure STR 712 Advanced Design of Steel Structures
HYD 704 Hydraulic Structures STR  717 Tunnel Engineering
MSE 705 Design of high-rise building STR 714 Optimization in Structural Design
MSE 706 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering STR 709 Repair and Rehabitation of Structures
STR 707 Design of Thin Shell Structure STR 715 Seismic Assessments and Retrofitting of Structures
STR 708 Design of Masonry Structures SRA 716 Seismic Risk Analysis
STR 713                     Non-Linear Analysis of Structures