Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering

Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering

Pokhara University (PU) is an autonomous and non-profit public institution dedicated to providing high-quality education and fostering academic excellence. In 2022, Pokhara University introduced the Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering (M. Sc. SE) program. The features of the M. Sc. SE program are competitive learning environment, market driven elective courses, and program flexibility. This professional degree program focuses on the technical, managerial and policy issues related with sanitation infrastructure development, waste management, and environmental sanitation.

Program Overview:
The M. Sc. SE program has duration of 2 years, divided into 4 semesters. The program is designed to equip students with the technical competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for a successful career in the sanitation sector. The program focuses on imparting the expertise and attitudes required to address challenges in sanitation infrastructure, waste management, and environmental sanitation, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for impactful contributions to public health and sustainability.

The M. Sc. SE program covers a comprehensive set of courses, including:
1. Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
2. Water Pollution Control Engineering
3. Engineering Design for Sanitary Structures
4. Sanitation Financing
5. Solid Waste Management
6. Urban Drainage and Sewerage System
7. Environmental Health and Safety
8. Environmental Impact Assessment
9. Research Methodology
10. Sustainable Sanitation Technologies
11. Public Health and Sanitation

Program Objectives:

The main objective of M. Sc. SE is to produce professional experts through knowledge, experience and research that can contribute to enhance the quality in sanitation sector based on country’s need. The master degree has the following objectives:
Enhance the expertise of working professionals and young graduates in Sanitation sector.
• Critically evaluate the need of sanitary engineering and implement in effective way.
• Analyze the existing national / international acts, policies and guidelines for the development of sanitation strategy.
• Design the environmental friendly structures in response of pollution control / treatment.
• Bridge the gap of sanitation experts in the post Open Defecation Free (ODF) campaign of Nepal Government towards achievement of Safely Managed Sanitation and Fecal Sludge Management in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 6.


 The candidate, pursuing the admission must have four years Bachelors of Engineering (Civil Engineering, Civil and Rural Engineering, Hydropower Engineering, Environmental Engineering) or equivalent from recognized institutions. They must also meet the eligibility criteria set by Pokhara University.

Fee Structures:

For detailed information regarding the fee structures of the M. Sc. SE program, interested individuals are advised to contact the administration office of Pokhara University.


Graduates of the M. Sc. SE program have the potential to explore career paths in diverse sectors, such as:
Government Departments and Agencies/Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) dedicated to sanitation and public health initiatives.
Research and Development Institutions focusing on sanitation infrastructure development and waste management.
Consulting Firms with expertise in sanitation engineering and environmental impact assessment
Academic Institutions as faculty members or researchers.

Scholarship Provisions:

Pokhara University provides scholarships to deserving and meritorious students based on specific criteria. For detailed information about available scholarships, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the administration office of the Pokhara University

Please note that for up-to-date and detailed information, it is recommended to directly contact the administration office of Pokhara University.

GSGS Project Partners

The Global Sanitation Graduate School (GSGS) is a platform to facilitate the development and empower the dissemination of knowledge on sanitation through postgraduate (MSc) programs so that the sanitation challenges can be embraced with deeper insight, advanced knowledge, and greater confidence. The Faculty of Science and Technology, Pokhara University is one of the global partners of the GSGS program and offers the Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering program.

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