PU Research Center



Research is considered as a means to make a University education relevant and practically useful for society.  Research and innovation also contribute to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the entire University education system. Therefore the development of University education emphasizes that teaching professionals and university graduates increasingly engage in research activities that contribute to the better knowledge acquisition, development, and also using the knowledge for solving problems.

Pokhara University Research Center (PURC) was established in the year 2012, under Pokhara University act 2053. The purpose of its establishment is to promote the scientific and quality research in all three existing faculties of the university.

PURC has mandatory authority to approve research proposals, conduct multidisciplinary research and monitor their progress.



To enable excellence in multidisciplinary research in Pokhara University.



  1. Improve the faculty members’ research capability and their professional development with their research output and peer esteem by creating an environment and infrastructure that fosters and supports high quality research across the full range of disciplines in the university.
  2. Support multidisciplinary research by building research teams and encouraging cooperation between university faculty members and collaborative research institutes so as to maximize mutual benefit.
  3. Promote the research expertise of the university to external parties, both local and international, including industry, while adhering to the principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy.
  4. Promote exchange of international researchers/students.


Roles and responsibility of PURC

  1. Conduct or facilitate to conduct interdisciplinary faculty research and institutional collaborative research activity in Pokhara University.
  2. Arrange the facilities, staff, academic human resources and financial aid to develop the culture of different research activity.
  3. Provide the professional consultancy services.
  4. Fix and collect the consultancy and other service fee.
  5. Manage the publication and sale of different research results/ products.


Contact Address

Pokhara University Research Center
Dhungepatan, Lekhnath, Kaski, Nepal
P. O. Box : 427
PH. No. +977-61-561048
Email: purc@pu.edu.np