The Faculty of Health Sciences was established in 2016 under the Pokhara University Act. Although program of health sciences already been started 1997, it started the School of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences at Pokhara City. The name of this school is changed to School of Health and Allied Sciences recently. The school had a very modest start with B Pharm and M Pharm in Natural Product Chemistry Program in 2005. Faculty of Health Sciences has adopted two years Master and four years Bachelor Programs based on credit-semester system along with four years annual system of B. Sc. Nursing Program. An academic year consists of two semesters of 16 weeks each.


  • To produce skilled and qualified human resources in the field of medical and paramedical sciences
  • To conduct cutting-edge research in the field of medical and paramedical sciences
  • To provide sophisticated medical facility



The mission of the Faculty of Health Sciences undergraduate and graduate programs are to aid and encourage students’ development into competent professionals and life-long learners who are responsible for community health/public health disciplines, including health education and related areas.

  • To provide the modest Integrated Medical Services to the community.
  • To produce research-oriented scientists equipped with high-tech skills and carrying profound ethical values.
  • To conduct an array of effective and useful programs recognizing the need of adequately qualified and capable professionals in various disciplines of Health Sciences.
  • To establish new courses in health sciences; including health tourism, through quality higher education, health and community service.
  • To maintain linkages with health care professionals, academic personnel, and the community.


Goals and Objectives

  1. Unfold the potential and creativity of learners, advocating humanism, tolerance, reason, innovation, and search for truth competitive educational environments through extension programs
  2. Develop skilled human resources in the areas of law, science, technology, management, liberal arts, and educational and vocational studies
  3. Prepare creative and research oriented scientists in the field of basic as well as applied sciences through private participation in higher education
  4. Produce outstanding engineers, architects, pharmacists, biochemists, technical experts equipped with commendable ethical values, and competences to face challenges of the 21st century


Characteristics of the Program

  1. Courses that use a variety of learning methods including Seminars, extensive practical sessions conducted in fully equipped laboratories designed to develop skills that will facilitate learning and effective participation in students’ university experience and future professionals,
  2. High academic standards and quality assurance,
  3. Dedicated and student-oriented faculty with diverse backgrounds, extensive technical experience and high academic qualifications,
  4. Diverse programs concentrating on students’ growth and development as individuals as well as leaders of tomorrow’s global society, equipping them with skills and perspectives for rich and rewarding careers

As Dean, I am delighted to welcome you to our Faculty of Health Sciences, Pokhara University. Faculty of Health Sciences belief that we are here to provide the resources needed for our students to succeed. We the faculty and staff are dedicated and supportive because we see students as an investment in the future. We have developed and deliver programs and courses which provide knowledge and experiences that serve as a strong foundation for our students. Our graduates are involving academics and non-academic sectors across the country and around the world in a variety of careers.

At present we have Master programs (M Pharm in Natural Product Chemistry, M Pharm in Clinical Pharmacy, MPH in Health Promotion Education, MPH in Health Service management)and Bachelor programs (B Pharmacy, B Sc MLT, BPH, BSc Nursing, BSc Medical Microbiology) in our constituents Schools and Bachelor programs (B Pharmacy, B Sc MLT, BPH, B ScNursing, B Sc Medical Microbiology) in the affiliated colleges.

Our goal reinforcing us towards new technology and demands in market to make the health service profoundly competitive, health education needs to be global in outlook, rigorous and bold.We are dedicated to developing your potential in the different fields of Health Sciences. To establish the Medical College and Teaching Hospital with Integrated Medical Service is one of the most prestigious goals to us. Integrated medical service includes Western, Ayurbedic, Amchi, and Yoga medicine system of treatments under the same hospital.

We recruit and support the most talented, resourceful and indefatigable students, faculty and staff.Our programs equip emerging leaders with the knowledge, research insights and personal effectiveness skills to make an impact on business, the public sector and not-for-profit sectors; to manage yourself, your team, your function and your organization.By enrolling at Faculty of Health Sciences program you will become a part of an institution whose name and outstanding reputation are recognized worldwide.

If you are already the member of Health Sciences, or are committed to becoming a member of us, you are warmly welcomed, and I encourage you to explore the many opportunities for engagement with this diverse community. For those of you that are perspective students, I encourage you to contact Dean`s officePokhara or University Liaison Office at Kathmandu.

Khem Raj Joshi, PhD.
Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences

Pokhara University has offered the following Master and Bachelor programs under the Faculty of Health Sciences:

S.No.Constituent ProgramFee StructureAffiliated ProgramRemarks
1Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Natural Product Chemistry-Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science-
2Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Clinical Pharmacy-Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology-
3Master of Public Health in Health Promotion Education-Bachelor of Public Health-
4Master of Public Health in Health Service Management-Bachelor of Science in Nursing-
5Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science--Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry-
6Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology-Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology-
7Bachelor of Public Health-Bachelor of Science in Medical Biochemistry-
8Bachelor of Science in Nursing--

S.N.Faculty NameDesignationTime at Pokhara UniversitySubjectProgram
1.Dr. Bhishnu Raj TiwariProfessor2068/01/04MicrobiologyBSc. MLT
2.Dr. Nabin ShresthaProfessor2072/06/20Public HealthPublic Health
3.Dr. Duk Bahadur ChhetriProfessor
4.Dr. Nirmala JammerkattelAssociate Professor2062/08/10Organic ChemistryPharmacy
5.Mr. Gulam Mohammad KhanAssociate Professor2072/06/20PharmacyPharmacy
6.Mr. Namaraj DhamiAssistant Professor2062/08/10Medicinal Botany/PharmacologicalPharmacy
7.Mr. Purna Chandra SharmaAssistant Professor2062/08/10Computer Science
8.Mr. Niranjan ShresthaAssistant Professor2062/08/10Mathematics/Statistics
9.Mr. Prakash PaudelAssistant Professor2062/08/10Computer Science
10.Dr. Khemraj JoshiAssistant Professor2066/09/26Pharmacy
11.Mrs. Kalpana Baral (Parajuli)Assistant Professor2066/09/26PharmacyPharmacy
12.Dr. Damaru Prasad PaneruAssistant Professor2066/09/26Public HealthPublic Health
13.Mr. Tulsi Ram BhandariAssistant Professor2066/09/26Public HealthPublic Health
14.Mr. Komal Prasad MallaAssistant Professor2066/09/26Physical ChemistryPharmacy
15.Mr. Umesh Prasad GuptaAssistant Professor2066/09/26Medical Lab Technology
16.Mr. Narayan Prasad KandelAssistant Professor2066/09/26Medical Microbiology
17.Mr. Niraj ChaudharyAssistant Professor2066/09/26Medical Lab TechnologyBSc. MLT
18.Mr. Hari Prasad KafleAssistant Professor2068/10/03Public HealthPublic Health
19.Dr. Dipendra Kumar YadavAssistant Professor2068/10/03Public HealthPublic Health
20.Dr. Santosh Kumar GurungAssistant Professor2068/10/03Pharmaceutical/Organic Chemistry
21. Mr. Jaya Prakash ShahaAssistant Professor2068/10/03Clinical Biochemistry
22.Mr. Raju PandeyAssistant Professor2066/10/17 BiochemistryBSc. MLT
23.Mr. Sushil AdhikariAssistant Professor2067/09/21English
24.Mrs. Parbati ThapaAssistant Professor2067/10/04Pharmaceutical Care SciencePharmacy
25.Mr. Suresh JaisawalAssistant Professor2068/07/01Medical MicrobiologyBSc. MLT
26.Mr. Sudarshan SubediAssistant Professor2068/09/22Public HealthPublic Health
27.Mr. Dhaka Raj PantAssistant Professor2068/09/22MicrobiologyBSc. MLT
28.Mr. Chiranjeebi AdhikariAssistant Professor2069/04/15Public HealthPublic Health
29.Mr. Bishnu Prasad NeupaneAssistant Professor2069/04/15Nature Product ChemistryPharmacy
30.Dr. Him Lal GautamAssistant Professor2069/04/16Statistic
31.Mrs. Rojana DhakalAssistant Professor2070/09/09NursingNursing
32.Mrs. Nirmal NeupaneAssistant Professor2071/10/15NursingNursing
33.Mrs. Jeni OjhaAssistant Professor2072/01/07NursingNursing
34.Mrs. Karun Tamang GurungAssistant Professor2072/08/017NursingNursing
35.Mrs. Ritu AdhikariAssistant Professor2072/12/26NursingNursing
36.Mrs. Prabha KarkiAssistant Professor2072/12/22NursingNursing
37. Mr. Atisammodavardan KaudinnyayanAssistant Professor2071/09/20PharmacyPharmacy
38.Dr. Sheela GurungAssistant Professor2072/08/17PharmacyPharmacy
39.Mrs. Brinda ParajuliAssistant Professor2072/08/17PharmacyPharmacy
40.Mrs. Sumit ShresthaAssistant Professor2072/08/21PharmacyPharmacy
41.Mr. Prakash PaudelAssistant Professor2072/08/20PharmacyPharmacy
42.Mr. Bhupendra SharmaTeaching Assistant 2067/03/15BSc. MLTBSc MLT

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