ICT Center (Information and Communication Technology Center)

The ICT Center is a division in the Office of Controller of Examinations. This center is primarily focused for the information and communication needs of the university, affiliated colleges and the students. Currently the center has three servers namely the EMIS server, Web Server and the File Server. It has its own dedicated lease line of 1mbps and integrates all the examination office workstations securely. The network design has three levels of user security, the general user, the system user and the administrator. This security mechanism is even implemented in the examinations management software.
The servers are IBM System x3200 M2 machines and workstations are running with core i5 system processors with 4GB of RAM. The network architecture has router cum firewall with intrusion detection and prevention mechanism that protects internal network from the external network. All servers are allocated public IP and can be accessed through public internet.

The ICT policy of the controller of examination blocks many websites that have a high bandwidth demand or are considered harmful like torrents, youtube.com, facebook.com, songspk.pk, etc. The ICT security policy does not allow users outside the Office of Controller of Examination to get connected or use any resources of the Information and Communication Network. However the, affiliated colleges and students can access the EMIS server and web servers for their information needs after getting registered with the office of controller of examination. (Currently students are not given the access).
ICT center was initiated and brought into practice after the appointment Controller of Examinations, Mr. Bal Ram Bhattarai. The planning and implementation aspect was designed and implemented by Mr. Deepanjal Shrestha, Lecturer of MIS, deputed from School of Business to Controller of Examination Office.

In future ICT center plans to come up with integrated ICT architecture of Pokhara University with affiliated colleges and alliance partners. It is targeted to become a complete information portal and   information server platform of the university.