Academic Council

As a body to assist the University conducting and managing its educational, academic and research operations, there shall be an Academic Council. At present Academic Council Consisting of the following members:

S.N. Region Designation Name Remarks
A) Vice-Chancellor Chairperson Prof. Chiranjeebi Prasad Sharma VC, Pokhara University
B) Registrar Member Assoc. Prof. Gobinda Prasad Sharma Registrar, PU
C) Deans Member Mr. Karna Beer Paudel, PhD Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, PU
Mr. Khem Raj Joshi, PhD Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, PU
Er. Buddhi Raj Joshi Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, PU
D) Five persons from amongst the chairmen of various subject committees of the University Member 1. Prof. Prem Raj Pant, PhD Chairperson, Management Subject Committee, PU
2. Prof. Ram Bahadur Chhetri, PhD Chairperson, Development Social Engineering Subject Committee
3. Prof. Bharat Raj Pahari, PhD Chairperson, Civil & Architecture Engineering Subject Committee, PU
4. Mr. Bhesh Raj Kandel Chairperson, Electronics & Communication Subject Committee, PU
5. Prof. Shasidharam Joshi, PhD Chairperson, Computer, Software & IT Subject Committee, PU
E) Chief of Research Center Member Assoc. Prof. Gulam Mohammad Khan Director, Research Center, PU
F) Chiefs of the Curriculum and Examination Divisions of the University Member 1. Assoc. Prof. Rajesh Kumar Thagurathi Director, Curriculum Development Center, PU
2. Dr. Bharat Ram Dhungana Controller of Examination, PU
G) Four persons from amongst the Campus Chiefs Member Prof. Ram Bahadur Khadka Principal, SchEMs College, Kathmandu
H) Two persons from amongst the teachers Member Prof. Shanker Khanal, PhD Central Department of Statistic, TU
Member Prof. Tara Pokhrel Maharajgunja Nursing Campus, Kathmandu
I) Two persons from amongst the educationists making substantial contribution in the education sector Member 1. Prof. Shreedhar Prasad Lohani, PhD Educationists, Kathmandu
2. Prof. Deepak Bhattarai, PhD Educationists, Kathmandu
J) The Dean designated by the Vice-Chancellor from amongst the Deans Member-Secretary Prof. Indra Prasad Tiwari, PhD Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, PU

The Academic Council has following powers and functions:

  1. To determine the curriculum of the subjects to be studied, research and training under the University and to evaluate educational, academic and research activities of all levels.
  2. To fix the modes of examination.
  3. To determine the qualifications and numbers relating to the admission of students.
  4. To formulate policies relating to research and to approve the research programs.
  5. To evaluate the academic programs of the students.
  6. To determine the standard of teaching and research.
  7. To give opinion and advice to the Executive Council on academic matters.
  8. To perform such other functions as prescribed.